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Marquee with Mootools 1.2 (Mooquee)

Time is changing… So here is my first post not about Ubuntu.

As Alberto pointed out: There is a new Version of Mooquee which works with Mootools 1.2, so you can save the time to follow this tutorial ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thank you Alberto!

For my webdesign I needed something like the deprecated marquee-Element. Because I have the mootools-library (Version 1.2) already included I searched for something based on mootools.

I found a pretty nice snippet called Mooquee by Dirar Abu Kteish which worked fine in the demo. I tried to integrate it into my page but the scroll-effect did not work.

Window.onDomReady is not a function

Window.onDomReady is not a function

In the error console (Firefox) I got the following error: window.onDomReady is not a function.

After searching for mootools window.ondomready is not a function I found a Mootools Forum and learned that “Window.onDomReady is deprecated in 1.1dev” so it has to be deprecated in 1.2 too.

So we need to call window.addEvent('domready', function() { //Your code here }); instead. The code to call the funtion is now:
<script type="text/javascript">
var obj;
function startMoorquee() {
obj = new mooquee($('mooquee1'));
//cancel on mouse over
//obj = new mooquee($('mooquee1'), {pauseOnOver: false});
window.addEvent('domready', function() {startMoorquee()});

setHTML is not a function

setHTML is not a function

After retrying my page I received the follwing error: (new Element(“div”, {class: “mooquee-text”, id: “mooquee-text”})).setHTML is not a function.

So I replaced the following in the file mooquee.js (line 30):



set('html', el.innerHTML);
el.set('html', '');

And now it works, mooquee is now compatible to mootools 1.2.

You can download the modified files (Demo with [modified] mooquee and mootools 1.2) here.

HowTo get ColorZilla Eyedropper working on Ubuntu Feisty

If you want to use ColorZilla on Ubuntu Feisty it may not work out of the box. So here is a little tutorial to get it running. (I am using Firefox on Ubuntu Feisty) -> Should be upgraded to now ๐Ÿ™‚

Now the Eyedropper-Tool should work. I waited a long time for such a tool =)

EDIT: Seems that other extensions are too affected such as greasemonkey or firebug. An alternative would be to install firefox the normal way and do not use the ubuntu-firefox version but I heard there are some problems with sound and flash… You can download the current one here: libxpcom* for Firefox ColorZilla (VS von, VS

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