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Version Control (Bazaar) for Web Developers

Bazaar UploadI searched a long time for a solution to develop my web pages on my Workstation and publish the changes via a version control system (vcs) to the webserver. I searched for remote checkout and other keywords and now I found a solution for Bazaar. I only have installed Bazaar on my desktop-PC an not on the server!

Installing Bazaar

If you are familiar with bazaar, you can skip this section an go to Upload-Plugin For Webdesign

sudo apt-get install bzr

I recommend to install bzr-gtk also to get Olive, a GUI for Bazaar.


You can read the Mini Tutorial (Bazaar in five minutes), which is a nice introduction, to get started.

The first time you have to introduce yourself with:
bzr whoami "John Doe <>"

For every new project you have to go through this process, to initialize bazaar and add all files in the working directory:

cd /path/to/myproject
bzr init
bzr add

Upload-Plugin For Webdesign

First you have to install the bzr-upload plugin:

sudo apt-get install bzr-upload

Go to your project directory.

You always have three steps from changing your files to publishing:

  1. Change files
  2. Commit (Else you will receive the following: ERROR: Working tree “…” has uncommitted changes.)
  3. Upload

The upload-Process is the only new thing. To upload the first time type the following command (and replace the capitalized words):


So you may have a command like the following:

You will now see something like this:

guru@guru-desktop:/media/www$ bzr upload
FTP password:
No uploaded revision id found, switching to full upload
Uploading index.php
Uploading style/default.css
Uploading ...
Uploading .htaccess

Bazaar remembers the location, so for the next upload you can go with only

bzr upload

You now will receive something like the following:

guru@guru-desktop:/media/www$ bzr upload
Using saved location:
FTP password:
Uploading style/default.css