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Get your photos from iPhone to Windows XP (or Ubuntu)

Because I am forced to use Windows, so I can use iTunes and sync my iPhone this post is about Windows 😉

iTunes does provide a solution to get your pictures from your PC to the iPhone but not vice versa. After a lot of searching the cheapest solution was to use Windows XPs Scanner and Cameras Tool. I opened it but the iPhone did not show up.

After a lot of searching more I found the solution: You have to unlock your iPhone and then connect it to your PC. (I have a 1minute auto-lock with code → paranoid ugh?).

Then you can find your iPhone in your Workspace and in the Scanners and Cameras applet.

Because I only need to sync my pictures from the iPhone to my PC and not in the other direction I did the following:

  • Go to Control-Panel and Open Scanners and Cameras.
  • Hold Alt-Key and double click your “Apple iPhone” (or right click and select Properties)
  • Choose the tab “Events” and select the option to save the picture to the folder of your choice.
  • Click OK.

Every time you connect your iPhone (unlocked) your pictures should be synced from the iPhone to your PC one-way.

PS: In Ubuntu this works also! Just connect your (unlocked, not jailbroken) iPhone to your Ubuntu-PC and use it like a normal camera.

Create thumbnails giving attention to the orientation

There is now phatch. Use the really nice tool to create thumbnails and other batch processes instead! You can install it with
sudo apt-get install phatch

Every now and then I need to get thumbnails of my pictures. I found some solutions, that create thumbnails, but none of them gave attention to the orientation of the image. So if I wanted to resize the images to 640×480 than the landscape pictures had a correct resolution of 640x480px but the portrait pictures had something like 640×850 or even 640×480 (deforming the picture to landscape). So I wrote a script to do this job for me.


You need to install imagemagick to get the script working. (sudo apt-get install imagemagick).

I installed the script as nautilus-script.

  1. Download the thumbnail-script and modify the script to your needs (See more at the bottom)
  2. Create the folder “~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/” and copy the script into this folder named create_tn
  3. Make it executable
    (chmod a+x ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/create_tn)
  4. Restart nautilus per killall nautilus
  5. Now you can start the script by going into the folder where your original images are and right click anywhere in the white area or on a file and select Scripts -> create_tn.

Now the script creates thumbnails of all the images of your current directory and places it into the subfolder thumbnails.

Modify the script to your needs

  • Change the resolution of the thumbnails: Change the variables long and short in line 4 and 5. eg. use long=”1024″ and short=”768″ if you want a landscape resolution of 1024×768 and portrait resolution of 768×1024.
  • Ask every time for a resolution: If you want every time another resolution just uncomment the lines 11-14. Now you can enter every time you start the script a resolution like 800×600 or 1024×768 so width x height without spaces.
  • Use a better quality: The script uses a quality of 80% for image resizing. If you need a better one you can change it in line 34 by modifying the number after “-quality”. So you can replace 80 by 60, 100 or every other integer number you want.


If the Download from Rapidshare does not work you can copy and save the source:

# Define a fixed resolution
## Enter a resolution every time
## Uncomment the next lines if you want to enter the resolution
## each time manually
#resolution=`zenity –entry –text=”Resolution: (eg. 1024×768)”`
#posx=`expr index $resolution x`
# Filecount for progressbar
filecount=`find -maxdepth 1 -iname “*.jpg” | wc -l`
let “inc=100/$filecount”
mkdir -p thumbnails
# Creating thumbnails
(for i in *.jpg *.JPG; do
echo “$progress”;
echo “# Resizing $i”;
width=`identify -format %w $i`
height=`identify -format %h $i`
if [ $width ge $height ]; then
convert resize $size quality 80 $i thumbnails/$i
let “progress+=$inc”
) | zenity progress title “$Creating thumbnails…” percentage=0