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Get your photos from iPhone to Windows XP (or Ubuntu)

Because I am forced to use Windows, so I can use iTunes and sync my iPhone this post is about Windows 😉

iTunes does provide a solution to get your pictures from your PC to the iPhone but not vice versa. After a lot of searching the cheapest solution was to use Windows XPs Scanner and Cameras Tool. I opened it but the iPhone did not show up.

After a lot of searching more I found the solution: You have to unlock your iPhone and then connect it to your PC. (I have a 1minute auto-lock with code → paranoid ugh?).

Then you can find your iPhone in your Workspace and in the Scanners and Cameras applet.

Because I only need to sync my pictures from the iPhone to my PC and not in the other direction I did the following:

  • Go to Control-Panel and Open Scanners and Cameras.
  • Hold Alt-Key and double click your “Apple iPhone” (or right click and select Properties)
  • Choose the tab “Events” and select the option to save the picture to the folder of your choice.
  • Click OK.

Every time you connect your iPhone (unlocked) your pictures should be synced from the iPhone to your PC one-way.

PS: In Ubuntu this works also! Just connect your (unlocked, not jailbroken) iPhone to your Ubuntu-PC and use it like a normal camera.