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Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn on my Laptop (Acer Travelmate 661 LMi) with 915resolution

Hi, first I am sorry for not writing for so long, but I had an oral eximination (history of right) which is my “favourite” subject ;-). Ahhm … and I failed.

Now I have a bit of free time I installed Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn on my laptop. I wanted to let all the old stuff behind because I had backed up the data earlier, so I did not use the migration assistant. (Hey migration from Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper Drake was possible 😉 ) The first thing that annoyed me was, that Ubuntu still does not support the screen resolution 1400×1040 out of the box. I knew 915resolution from the past so I wanted to use it again. Installation of 915resolution:

  1. The first thing is to get 915resolution from universe.
    sudo apt-get install 915resolution I thought: Wow everything is fine, it detected my screen resolution and automatically patched it. So I restarted the X-Server with Ctrl Alt but the old resolution was still used.
  2. So I patched it manually. sudo 915resolution 3c 1400 1050 Note: You should call 915resolution -l before and replace 3c with a resolution you will not use.
  3. To test it press Ctrl Alt to restart the X-Server. For me this worked and I had a clear 1400×1050 resolution on my desk.
  4. Because you need to patch this everytime you restart your laptop you should automate this task:
    1. Open an editor with root privileges (eg. sudo gedit).
    2. Insert the following lines:

      #!/bin/bash 915resolution
      3c 1400 1050

    3. Save it as /etc/init.d/
    4. To make the file executable do the following:
      sudo chmod +rx /etc/init.d/
    5. Now insert the script into the start sequence:
      sudo update-rc.d defaults

Now you should get you desired resolution on every boot.