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Download Album to Picasa (Picasaweb) in Ubuntu Firefox

If you want to download an album from a shared album on picasaweb and use the “Download to Picasa” button you normally get the following error message:

Firefox doesn’t know how to open this address, because the protocol (picasa) isn’t associated with any program.

1. Solution: DownThemAll

  1. Install the DownThemAll extension
  2. Restart firefox
  3. Go to the picasa web album
  4. Open the RSS-Feed (to get the RSS-Icon back eg you can use the rss-icon extension)
  5. Right click in the feed and select DownThemAll

Pro: You do not need picasa, download the images to a folder you want, no need to change the configuration
Cons: You need some addons, maybe it does not work on “private” albums?

2. Solution: Use Picasa with some small fixes

  1. Open about:config (like a n ordinary url) and change the following:
    1. set network.protocol-handler.expose.picasa to false
    2. set network.protocol-handler.external.picasa to true
    3. set to /opt/google/picasa/3.0/bin/picasa (seems to have no impact)
  2. Open the file ~/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list and add x-scheme-handler/picasa=picasa.desktop under [Added Associations].
  3. Now click the “Download to picasa” button in the web album you want to download.
  4. There should be a popup which asks you what program to use for this link. If there is no popup you can change this setting under Edit -> Preferences -> Applications.
  5. Click Choose and select  /opt/google/picasa/3.0/bin/picasa (important: not /usr/bin/picasa, which opens only the main picasa program and not the “Download Album” dialog. (weird, especially because /usr/bin/picasa is only a symlink to the /opt binary).

Pro: Download into picasa (if you want that), no additional extensions needed,
Cons: Some configuration needed, Picasa needed (and download to this picasa download folder)