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WordPress and special chars(double minus/hyphen, ampersand, etc)

For the post Ubuntu and my Canon IXUS 850IS in gThumb I needed to enter two hyphens (gthumb --import-photos). So I simply typed it in the wordpress editor, nothing evil thinking in the visual editor. The result was one dash instead of two hyphens: gthumb --import-photos. Not even the code view respected my wish.

With my HTML knowledge I thought the easiest way would be to enter the character code of the hyphen (-). This simply worked. If you edit your post you have to replace them again. 😦

Note: To enter - I had to type in #45. Puh that’s a bit annoying, most notable when you edit the post and the same game begins again 😦

Note2: As I see now there are much more problems, than the double hypen. Iy ou want to type in an ampersand or another special character you have to enter the HTML-Code everytime you edit the post. E.g wordpress replaces my #45 everytime I edit the post with a hypen (-) 😯
Does anbody know, how I can turn off this AI? (Is it possible on too?