Add a place to Places in Nautilus for time saving

Free Image Hosting at When I am working with or another application I often want to save my files to /media//media/sda5/docs/study/1introdcution/2. Semester. Always navigating to this folder is a waste of time and annoys me. So I thought there must be a way to have a direct link to the directory like Desktop or Home Folder.

The way to get an entry like the one above for OOo is easy:

  1. In nautilus go to the directory you want to to have an entry for, like /media//media/sda5/docs/study/1introdcution/2. Semester
  2. In the menu click Bookmarks -> Add Bookmark or simply press <cntrl>+<d>

Now you are done. You can now see your bookmark in Places and the file dialogs.


6 Responses to “Add a place to Places in Nautilus for time saving”

  1. 1 Andre July 2, 2007 at 3:13 pm

    I didnt know about this one(new to Ubuntu), so thanks for the tip:-)

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