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Any macro programs out there for Ubuntu?

After using Ubuntu now for a while I am searching for a macro program like AutoHotkey. I found nothing on the net, so maybe you can help me out.

I used AutoHotkey for the following tasks / search for a macro program which can do the following:

  • text replacement: I type br# and it gets replaced with best regards, Alex
  • url opening: I mark a word and press a shortcut which opens my webbrowser with a specified URL like where %s is the marked word.
  • hotkey for direct access to folder: I press for example <super>+1 and nautilus opens with eg. /media/backup/
  • hotkey few folder: I press eg <cntrl>+<n> and a new folder is created and highlighted for renaming (or a dialog is presented where I only have to type in the name)
  • paste as plain text: Strip all special markups in a text (like copied from firefox) and paste it.
  • get pixel color: Press a hotkey to copy the pixel-colour under the mouse pointer to the clipboard or display it.

Do you know such a program which can perform all or a part of these actions? Let me know!

Lifehacker has a nice article: Feature: Automate Repetitive Typing with Snippits. Snippits does not support all the wanted features, but helps a lot.